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Build-Publisher does not work with CloudBees Folders



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    • build-publisher: 1.22
      jenkins: 2.150.3


      I use the CloudBees Folders pluging to keep jobs clean. Similar jobs are kept together. When I create a job under a cloud be folder, and it has the post-build step of publishing .... nothing happens.


      If I move the job from the folder to the top level Jenkins location, then it works.


      For example:

      1. Install Folders pluging
      2. Create Folder Foo
      3. Create job in folder Foo-Job that has a post-build action of publishing to another jenkins instance
      4. Execute Foo-job
        The job runs but no publishing is attempted.
      1. Move the job from Folder Foo to the top level <root> location
      2. Execute Foo-job from new location
        The job runs and now Build Publisher Status shows an attempt at publishing


      In this scenario, I have a Private job running on Windows 10 and Public job on a Scientific Linux. They both have the same version of Build-Publisher



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          Any update for this issue?

          rocha_stratovan John Rocha added a comment - Any update for this issue?


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