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pipeline job hangs forever at checkout GitSCM


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      This issue resembles very much JENKINS-43106.

      We have a pipeline job that is run in parallel on 10 different executors every night, multiple times.

      For the past week, the jobs get stuck on gitSCM checkout which is configured as follows:

      dir(sourceDir) {
          echo "Checking out ${commitId} from ${url}"
          checkout changelog: updateChanges, scm: [
              $class: 'GitSCM', branches: [[name: commitId]],
              userRemoteConfigs: [[url: url]]]
          commitId = sh returnStdout: true, script: "git rev-parse HEAD"
          echo "Checked out ${commitId} from ${url}"

      When this code is run in another job, it never fails.

      The difference is that when it fails, we have a "manager" job that runs the following:

      def call(testRunners, maxNumberOfTests, buildId) {
          def parallelRuns = [:]
          def numberOfRuns = 0
          for (int i = 0; i < availableExecutors; i++) {
             parallelRuns[i] = {
                waitUntil {
                   build job: 'TestRunner', parameters: [
                     string(name: 'sessionId', value: buildId),
                     string(name: 'randomBit', value: "${randomBit}")
                   ], propagate: false
                return (numberOfRuns > maxNumberOfRuns)}}}
        parallel parallelRuns

      On the other hand it passes when we have a single pipeline, running in parallel the same function.

      Randomly, the TestRunner job will hang on checkout: I can see the first echo. There's no access to the git server (according to the git-daemon logs).

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