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Can't access builds in BlueOcean after updating to 1.15.0


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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • core
    • Jenkins 2.174 (running in docker container)
      All BlueOcean plugins at 1.15.0
    • 1.15.1

      We've upgraded our BlueOcean plugins to the latest 1.15.0 and restarted Jenkins.
      Afterward, we were unable to access the `activity` tab and some of the builds. 
      Initially we thought it was a browser issue, but after doing a curl request we noticed it's not working as well:

      $ time curl -I https://domain.com/blue/organizations/jenkins/project%2FjobName/detail/master/2217/pipeline/
      real 3m53,812s
      user 0m0,010s
      sys 0m0,008s

      There are no exception logs in Jenkins which can point to what's causing this.
      However I did make a thread dump which I've attached. 

      I wasn't sure which component this relates to exactly so I've marked `core`. 


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