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scmSkip skipPattern doesn't work as advertised


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    • Jenkins LTS 2.164.2 and all latest plugins
      SCM Skip 1.0.0

      I want to allow the words 'ci' and 'skip' in either order. If my declarative Jenkinsfile has, as per the suggestion in the wiki:

      scmSkip(deleteBuild: true, skipPattern: '.*\[(ci skip|skip ci)\].*')

      then the Jenkinsfile validator yields:

      Errors encountered validating Jenkinsfile:
      WorkflowScript: 135: unexpected char: '\' @ line 135, column 52.
         eBuild: true, skipPattern: '.*\[(ci skip

      and if I double-escape like this:

      scmSkip(deleteBuild: true, skipPattern: '.*\\[(ci skip|skip ci)\\].*')

      then my Jenkinsfile validates properly, but the build output suggests my configuration had no effect:

      SCM Skip: Pattern .*\[ci skip\].* NOT matched on message: Preparing for version 15.5.A2, build 05315. [skip ci]

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