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Rebuild's "Remember Password" remembers Non-Stored Password Parameters


      When Jenkins is configured to remember passwords on a Rebuild, it remembers Non-Stored Password Parameters as well as normal Password Parameters.

      According to the description of the configuration option, it should not remember Non-Stored Passwords:

      If the remember password option is checked, the rebuild plugin will use the stored password parameter when a rebuild is triggered. If the remember password option is unchecked, the user will be prompted to enter the password every time a rebuild is triggered. This only applies for a parameterized build with parameters of type password.

      A simple test shows that this option also remembers Non-Stored Password Parameters.

      1. Set up a simple job with a Non-Stored Password Parameter
      Example code:

      node("master") {

      2. Build the job once as User A with parameter "test"
      3. See "test" printed to console
      4. Rebuild the first build
      5. See "test" printed to console
      6. Switch to User B
      7. Rebuild the build
      8. See "test" printed to console

      The Non-Stored Password should not persist across Rebuilds. This issue is marked as "Minor" because the workaround is to disable the top-level configuration to Remember Passwords.

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