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Branch API 2.5.0 rebuilds all multibranch jobs on first scan after upgrade


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    • 2.5.1

      I updated to branch API plugin 2.5.0 today. When I scan a multibranch Pipeline (Git branch source or GitHub branch source) the first time after the upgrade to branch API plugin 2.5.0, all jobs in that multibranch Pipeline are started. That means (in my case) that I now have more than 500 jobs in the queue waiting to run.

      The "Scan repository log" of the multibranch job shows:

      Started by user Mark Waite
      [Tue May 21 13:37:54 MDT 2019] Starting branch indexing...
      13:37:55 Connecting to https://api.github.com using MarkEWaite/****** (github personal access token for home.markwaite.net)
      Examining MarkEWaite/jenkins-bugs-private
        Checking branches...
        Getting remote branches...
          Checking branch master
        Getting remote pull requests...
            ‘Jenkinsfile’ found
          Met criteria
      Changes detected: master (null → 49101d07a954d083cae4bb0a06aaa081c6ae0fc8)
      Scheduled build for branch: master
          Checking branch JENKINS-06203
            ‘Jenkinsfile’ found
          Met criteria
      Changes detected: JENKINS-06203 (null → 6de0c64bb4cc6eb12964479bf37f5bb202f52aa4)
      Scheduled build for branch: JENKINS-06203

      Each repository reports that changes are detected in the transition from null to a SHA-1. However, I know that almost every one of the branches in that repository have received no changes since before the update.

      Once the initial scan has completed and the resulting rebuild of all branches is complete, then the "Scan repository log" starts no job and the change detection message says:

      No changes detected: master (still at 49101d07a954d083cae4bb0a06aaa081c6ae0fc8)

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