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Can volumes-from be disabled for docker.image().inside() in a Jenkins pipeline?


      The Jenkins docker pipeline provides a very nice docker.image().inside() function. This will result in a docker run command like:

      docker run -t -d -u 1000:1000 -w /var/jenkins_home/workspace/my-job --volumes-from 30dfde62097dad7873b0c72da82f70252jefewfr72edb412c2e759303d10 -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** my-image:latest cat

      The `--volumes-from` parameter will provide the container with the same volumes as the main Jenkins container. So it will also expose the entire /var/jenkins_home directory.
      Sometimes I would like to execute commands in a container and only expose the current job workspace.

      Is it possible to disable/remove the `--volumes-from` parameter?

      I can add an extra `v ${WORKSPACE}:/workspace` myself as args, but I can't find a way to disable/remove the `-volumes-from` parameter.


      I also posted this on: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56277847/can-volumes-from-be-disabled-for-docker-image-inside-in-a-jenkins-pipeline

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