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trigger-parameterized-builds doesn't propagate results upstream


      Jenkins ver. 2.121.3

      Parameterized Trigger Plugin v2.35.2

      My config is as follows (using Jenkins Job Builder):


      • trigger-parameterized-builds:
      • project: runtest
        block: true
        current-parameters: true
        node-label: '$SLAVE_VM_NAME'
        condition: 'SUCCESS'
        fail-on-missing: true

      I can see the "runtest" job triggered and executing. It also looks like it is successfully blocking the current job although I couldn't find the `block` parameter documented.

      However my "runtest" job failed but the status of the upstream job was still SUCCESS! This breaks the entire pipeline I am trying to build.

      FTR using builders.trigger-builds with block=true does propagate the results properly but I am unable to use it due to other constraints (other downstream jobs require artifacts from the current job which we need to upload BEFORE the runtest job is started).

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