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Pipeline build succeeded but the file was not sent to the ssh target host


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      I am learning jenkins, there is a problem that has not been resolved for several weeks, as follows:
      My environment

      Note: My configuration is basically configured with reference to the contents of jenkins.io/doc, so I found that the latest file does not have a lot of configuration parameters configured, basically solved with pipeline syntax.
      Host: docker in host: (node: master)
      Target host host: prod.9.23)
          Use nodejs npm build (has been successful, success will generate dist/* under path)
          Send the successful result to the specified path /data/www/mytest on the target host
          The display is successful, but the target host does not get the file.
          How to execute the host command in the docker environment, or execute the remote host command?


      my jenkinsfile:

      pipeline {
          agent {
              docker {
                  image 'node_cnpm:8.0.1'
                  args '-p 3000:3000'
          environment {
              CI = 'true'
          stages {
              stage('Build') {
                  steps {
                      sh 'node -v'
                      sh 'npm -v'
                      sh 'cnpm -v'
                      sh 'pwd'
                      sh 'ls'
                      sh 'chmod -R 777 ./'
                      sh 'rm -rf node_modules/'
                      sh 'ls'
                      sh 'npm cache clean -f'
                      sh 'cnpm install '
                      sh 'npm run test'
             stage('deploy') {
                  steps {
                      sshPublisher(publishers: [sshPublisherDesc(configName: 'prod.9.23', transfers: [sshTransfer(cleanRemote: false, excludes: '', execCommand: '', execTimeout: 120000, flatten: false, makeEmptyDirs: false, noDefaultExcludes: false, patternSeparator: '[, ]+', remoteDirectory: '/data/www/test.erp.ui.pc', remoteDirectorySDF: false, removePrefix: 'dist', sourceFiles: 'dist/*.*')], usePromotionTimestamp: false, useWorkspaceInPromotion: false, verbose: false)])


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