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PCT does not properly resolve plugin Group IDs for WAR bundles when they come from optional dependencies


      PCT does not resolve JCasC properly for plugins like Artifact Manager S3, because there is no Group ID resolution for plugins not included into CAP. The default "org.jenkins-ci.plugins" is used, and it is not a case for JCasC.

      Failed to execute goal on project artifact-manager-s3: Could not resolve dependencies for project io.jenkins.plugins:artifact-manager-s3:hpi:2.4.2: Could not find artifact org.jenkins-ci.plugins:configuration-as-code:jar:1.20 in ... -> [Help 1]

      Until JCasC is included into CAP, PCT tests will be failing if they include JCasC compatibility tests

      Acceptance criteria:

      • PCT is updated to consult with update center when resolving group IDs for plugins
      • There is an integration tests which verifies it

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