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How/Where(build step) to get valgrind to run on Jenkins???


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      I'm having trouble running runValgrind and publishValgrind. I'm unsure where and how to have valgrind run and produce output. I have the plugin installed, and I instantiate in a 'unit test' stage, but get this error. ""ERROR: Build failure: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected named arguments but got {$class=ValgrindBuilder, ValgrindBuilderConfig={$class=ValgrindBuilderConfig, valgrindExectuable=, workingDirectory=, includePattern=*/gtest//build_Linux/*.xml, excludePattern=, outputDirectory=, outputFileEnding=.memcheck, programOptions=, tool={$class=ValgrindToolMemcheck, showReachable=true, undefinedValueErrors=true, leakCheckLevel=full, trackOrigins=true}, valgrindOptions=, ignoreExitCode=true, traceChildren=true, childrenSilentAfterFork=true, generateSuppressions=true, suppressionFiles=, removeOldReports=false}}
      Finished: FAILURE" 

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