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How to retrieve JIRA task status using jira-steps-plugin


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      How I can get the status of a Jira task using jira-steps-plugin. 

      I have created a Jira task from Jenkins pipeline script and latter I want to retrieve the status of that task to continue further steps in my pipeline. 

      For example, when the task is updated as DONE, I need to trigger the deployment stage in my pipeline.


      This is what I used to create the task:

      node {
        stage('JIRA') {
          def testIssue = [fields: [ project: [key: 'PROJECT'],
                                       summary: 'New JIRA Created from Jenkins -       Summery.',
                                       description: 'New JIRA Created from Jenkins - Description.',
                                       issuetype: [name: 'Task']]]      response = jiraNewIssue issue: testIssue, site: 'JIRA'      echo response.successful.toString()
            echo response.data.toString()



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