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buildType is used incorrectly for visual studio builds


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    • Windows + visual studio 2015 / Linux + unix makefiles
      Jenkins ver. 2.176.1
      cmake builder plugin Version 2.6.2

      I have created a Jenkins pipeline that covers both windows and linux.

      However it appears that cmakeBuild does not use buildType correctly for visual studio

      For Linux is correctly adds -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug or Release in the configure step

      However for windows the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE variable is ignored:

      17:47:24    Manually-specified variables were not used by the project:
      17:47:24      CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE

      And subsequently in the --build step, the --config is unused. Resulting in a Debug-by-default build with the visual studio generator.

      -config Debug or -config Release (depending on buildType should be added to the --build phase for windows (and CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE should not be used for visual studio generator)


      The current workaround to this is adding --config Debug/Release explicitly in the steps:

      steps: [[args: '--config Debug', withCmake: true]]

      Which of course is less than ideal if the buildType property is available.

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