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Blue Ocean should have a page for individual branches (folders), as classic Jenkins does


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      In classic Jenkins, I can provide users a stable link from, say, a GitHub readme to the folder/list of build jobs for a particular branch.

      > https://build.example.com/java-org/job/java-project/job/master/
      > https://build.example.com/java-org/job/java-project/job/develop/

      And those will always take the user to a page with the most recent build job on "master" or "develop" listed at the top.

      The issue

      But in Blue Ocean, all we have is "branches":
      > https://build.example.com/java-org/blue/organizations/jenkins/java-project/branches/

      Some of our projects have over a hundred branches recently active (for automated testing), and it can be a chore to click to find a specific branch (there's no search here, either).

      When we click on the "develop" or "master" branch there, we are directly taken to the most recent build, which is often useful, but that link becomes stale on the next commit to SCM, so we can't put it in our README.md files.

      I've tried manipulating the URL path a few ways, but just get 404s.

      The request

      This ticket is to request BO provide a page with what I think is called a folder of build jobs for a given branch, as in classic Jenkins.

      It would be best if there is a clickable button or region (maybe the branch name) that will take me to the folder/page listing the build jobs for the branch.

      And of course, in the corresponding view in classic Jenkins, clicking on "Open Blue Ocean" would take the user to this page.

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