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Perforce Workspace spec file root skipped




      I have a drive letter (lets say D) that is being used as a root for all the perforce workspaces that we have on our system. 

      I am trying to use the p4 plugin in Jenkins to sync the code before running the unittest or running any script, and no matter what kind of workspace behavior I use (besides the Static one), It is always syncing the code to the {Jenkins workspace}/{JOB_NAME} and I would like to keep it on the D drive as all the perforce workspaces we have are set right now like that.

      I managed to get this with the Static workspace behavior, but in that case I have to remote to the slave machines to create the workspace by hand and then use it, which then defeats the purpose of Jenkins... 
      I tried using the Spec workspace behavior, cause I though if I specify the root in that file, the perforce workspace should use that folder as a root, but whenever it starts the sync part, it again syncs to the jenkins workspace location and sets the workspace root to use that location for root... 

      It woudl be really nice if we can control where do we want the root to be, if we want to copy the files to the new jenkins workspace or use the root folder that we already had setup before implementing Jenkins.

      If I'm missing something I apologize for creating this ticket.

      I am using

      Jenkins ver 2.190

      P4 Plugin 1.10.3





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