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Deprecate plugins and provide suggestions to user


    • Plugin Deprecation Engine

      Much like security warnings it would be awesome to have a way to deprecate plugins and provide recommendations such as

      • Auto uninstall upstream service dependency is gone and plugin is useless.
      • Auto uninstall based on versions of other plugins (you have moved logic from area to another area of plugins)
        • configuration-as-code-plugin is a good example of this.
          JCasC had a support-plugin that has been deprecated/tombstoned since 1.18 as long as you used newer role-strategy-plugin & credentials plugin
          So a user could have installed role-strategy v2.11 and credential v2.2.0 but still be using JCasC's support plugin v1.16, here it would be nice to uninstall the JCasC support plugin
      • Auto uninstall tombstone plugins
      • Auto uninstall due to security reasons
      • Suggest uninstall for security reasons
      • Suggest uninstall for any reason
      • Recommend using another plugin
      • Suggest upgrading due to changes upstream services
      • Auto upgrade due to changes to upstream service
      • Implied suggested upgrade depending on matrix of plugins and their version with some conditions?
        • Let's say I updated JCasC to v1.28 where Vault secret source was moved from JCasC to the Hashicorp Vault plugin
          It would be nice to suggest user to upgrade if some condition is true, see here for example

      Feel free to add bullets or comments with suggestions.

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