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Micro Focus Application Automation Tools - Test is missing host name and execution fails to start


      Jenkins Console output shows the Test execution does not start. The HostName is <blank>. The plug-in option for where to run the test has "Planned Host Name" and Quality Center is populated with a Host list value.


      I've also attached a screenshot of the Jenkins ALM plugin settings.


      5.8 has an issue and doesn't start the test run. Please see the log below. 

      [RouteOne Medium] $ "d:\Jenkins\.jenkins\workspace\Agile Enablement Factories\Sales And Product\1-2 Dealer Sales\RouteOne Medium\HpToolsLauncher.exe" -paramfile props13092019181324010.txt
      Timeout is set to: 7200
      Run mode is set to: RUN_PLANNED_HOST
      Starting test set execution
      Test set name: Demo, Test set id: 1423
      Number of tests in set: 5
      Test 1: [1]R1_AKL_CAL_BUS_LSE will run on host: <missing in log but is assigned in QC>
      Test 2: [1]R1_AKL_CAL_BUS_RET will run on host:
      Test 3: [1]R1_AKL_CAL_IND_LSE will run on host:
      Test 4: [1]R1_AKL_CAL_IND_RET will run on host:
      Test 5: [1]R1_AKL_CA_BUS_ERR will run on host:
      Problem while running TestSet: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040459
      "Scheduler started at:13/09/2019 18:13:28
      Test set: Demo, finished at 13/09/2019 18:13:29
      Run status: Job succeeded, total tests: 5, succeeded: 0, failures: 0, errors: 0, warnings: 0

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