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any dependency to spring is causing version conflict between shared libraries and jdk-tools plugin spring 2.5X


      If the shared library, has a transitive dependency to spring core, it is conflicting with spring jars coming from `jdk-tool` plugin.


      Imagine a custom jar has a dependency on any of spring core components, ex `spring-context`

      com.company.component:library:1.0' --> `org.springframework:spring-context:4.3.8.RELEASE


      And let's Imagine a groovy function inside a shared library.


      import com.company.component.SomeClass 
      def call() {  
           return SomeClass.doSomething()

      When doSomething() is being called from Jenkinsfile, everything constantly crashes with java.lang.NoSuchMethodError.

      That is because, instead of loading transitive dependencies for spring `4.3.8.RELEASE`, a classloader is loading an old `2.5.6` version of spring classes from `jdk-tool` plugin under



      Apparently, at the time of method execution, classloader is confused because `jdk-tool` plugin is loaded by default with old spring version. I do see grape downloading the correct version of jars to $JENKINS_HOME/.groovy. However, after some debug prints ( with help of cloud bees forum ), it is visible that the classloader is ignoring the version there, and is loading from jdk-tools plugin's jars. 


      Is there any known workaround, or possible fix to issue? 



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