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When using node label's "All Nodes for Label Factory" on single label node, it runs job on wrong node


      I've 6 similar nodes, that share a label "TESTPC" when I configure the job to trigger with that label the plugin works fine as it triggers on all 6 nodes.

      I have added the label "TESTPC1", "TESTPC2", and so on in each node since every now and then we want to run the job on only one specific node, however what ends up happening is that the job is run in any of the computers that have the "TESTPC" label and only in one (most usually not the intended one). I also tried putting a label that doesn't share the any letter with the other labels on my node ("banana") but the problem still persists.

      -The same applies when I have groups of different nodes with a single label. i.e. 12 nodes 6 with TESTPC and 6 with PRODPC
      -There is the same problem with the Node - Factory part of the plugin.

      Here is the log of a build that should have run on TESTPC1,2 and 3, but instead run on TESPC 5 (twice) and PRODPC6 (PC with different label)

      Started by user ha:////4GcLNmTz8oi6tKjMMjxnTRRbUCKLrip2lyOZlKIRHdypAAAAmx+LCAAAAAAAAP9b85aBtbiIQTGjNKU4P08vOT+vOD8nVc83PyU1x6OyILUoJzMv2y+/JJUBAhiZGBgqihhk0NSjKDWzXb3RdlLBUSYGJk8GtpzUvPSSDB8G5tKinBIGIZ+sxLJE/ZzEvHT94JKizLx0a6BxUmjGOUNodHsLgAyuEgZ+/dLi1CL94syUktTiktQiAKFXgYvEAAAA<USER> 
      Running as SYSTEM 
      Building remotely on ha:////4JNmtgR2g18637CcH5OrJjPvakAXl1al6Pij6HjPxIbMAAAAnR+LCAAAAAAAAP9b85aBtbiIQTGjNKU4P08vOT+vOD8nVc83PyU1x6OyILUoJzMv2y+/JJUBAhiZGBgqihhk0NSjKDWzXb3RdlLBUSYGJk8GtpzUvPSSDB8G5tKinBIGIZ+sxLJE/ZzEvHT94JKizLx0a6BxUmjGOUNodHsLgAz2EgZB/eT83ILSktQi/WBnR78AZzMAOdpwt8YAAAA=TESTPC6 (TESTPC) in workspace C:/jenkins/workspace/<TRIGGER JOB NAME> 
      define: [LabelParameterValue: NODELABEL=TESTPC1] 
      define: [LabelParameterValue: NODELABEL=TESTPC2] 
      define: [LabelParameterValue: NODELABEL=TESTPC3] 
      Triggering projects: ha:////4GEYBZuNUHdwWOzB3SOyspk29pTLutRnS9YcoIxnTpKWAAAAlx+LCAAAAAAAAP9b85aBtbiIQSajNKU4P08vOT+vOD8nVc+jsiC1KCczL9svvyTVzHb1RttJBUeZGJg8GdhyUvPSSzJ8GJhLi3JKGIR8shLLEvVzEvPS9YNLijLz0q0rihik0IxzhtAgwxgggJGJgaGiAMgQKGEQ08/KT9J3zSvLLMrPy03NKwlOLSkt0AcArVNUhJsAAAA=<JOB NAME>
      Finished: SUCCESS

      Which seems to indicate that the job was send to build before the nodes were selected.


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