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A blocked Project still occupies an Executor


      I've created a job, that builds the same sources into 32- or 64-bit binaries depending on the build parameter. The name of the job is "Compile".

      I then created two convenience wrapper-projects, one for each architecture: "Compile-64" and "Compile-32".

      The wrapper-projects do nothing other than trigger a build of compile with the correct parameter (using the Parametrized Parameter Plugin as suggested here). The checkbox for "Block until the triggered projects finish their builds" is On.

      If I start both of the wrapper projects ("Compile-64" and "Compile-32") they both kick off an instance of "Compile", as one would expect.

      Unfortunately, those triggered instances of "Compile" never actually begin – they remain pending, because our only two Executors are occupied by the blocked wrappers.

      A classic deadlock caused by the blocked builds still occupying an executor...

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