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Rework sorting for the Enabled columns of Installed in Plugin Manager


      This is detached from JENKINS-59665 by jsoref

      open /pluginManager/installed (Jenkins 2.198)


      1. a couple of plugins with dependencies (enabled)
      2. a couple of plugins (disabled)
      3. a couple of plugins that have never been upgraded
      4. a couple of plugins which have been upgraded

      Actual results

      I can't really explain what it's doing. – It appears to be stable (i.e. toggling the sort direction for one of these columns reverses the sort), but it isn't global (i.e. changing the sort key to a different column, e.g. Name, and then back to the Enabled column results in a new sort).

      Expected results

      Sorting by Enabled should sort into three sets:
      1. Enabled (checkbox checked)
      2. Enabled (checkbox disabled) and can't be disabled (because they're used by enabled plugins)
      3. Disabled (checkbox unchecked)

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