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Allow "Atlassian Jira Software Cloud Plugin" to be stateful


      Creating this on behalf of the customers:

      • vradhakrishnan@foundationmedicine.com
      • jhowe@foundationmedicine.com
      • sagrawal@foundationmedicine.com

      Could you please get in touch with these customers to let them know you receive their feature request?
      They also informed me that they couldn't create an account on your service desk.

      I have attached a sample Jenkins file and the workflow we follow is explained below. Please let me know if you have any questions. It will be a great help if you could include this feature as this is going to help us immensely. Thanks for all your help.

      "Developer1" creates Git Feature Branch1 (FB1) is associated with JIRA-1234. Commit message includes JIRA-1234
      After creating PR against FB1, get approved and then merged to master
      That triggers a Jenkins build which builds our application and deploys to our DEV environment. Let's call this build as Build1
      "Developer2" follows the same process for Git Feature Branch2 (FB2) associated with JIRA-6789. Commit message includes JIRA-6789. PR->approval->merge to master-> triggers build (Build2)->Deploys to DEV environment. Keep in mind that FB2 includes the code for FB1 as well.
      Via JenkinsFile, in the above step before it deploys to DEV environment we save the deployable package in a S3 bucket in AWS. The name of the S3 bucket is "git commit id.zip". In the above case 2 S3 buckets will be created for commit id's when FB1 and FB2 was merged to master.
      Until this point we have JIRA-1234, JIRA-6789 updated with jira comments and deployment info. All good.
      When the time comes to deploy to QA environment, then we manually trigger the Jenkins build with the parameter "QA" and the latest DEV build which in this case will be "Build2". Again, keep in mind that this "Build2" contains the work done for both the JIRA issues keys as mentioned above.
      "Build2" goes out to AWS and downloads the S3 bucket, unzips and simply deploys the application to QA environment. The S3 bucket which the build chooses here is "FB2's commit id .zip" as that was the last successful DEV build with all the latest features done under the 2 JIRA issues mentioned above.
      The issue I am having is when above step happens there is no committing of code or anything of that sort, so JIRA-1234 and JIRA-6789 doesn't get updated with comments or deployment info.
      Same thing we do for STG and PROD and would like JIRA issue(s) to get updated with comments along the process.

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