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Make "List subversion tags" show branches even if tags directory is missing from SVN.




      This is related directly to JENKINS-44416

      Technically it's not a bug I suppose, as the functionality works as described:

      "Notice that you can set the Repository URL field to a Subversion repository root rather than just pointing to a tags dir (ie, you can set it to https://svn.jenkins-ci.org rather than https://svn.jenkins-ci.org/tags). In that case, if this repository root contains the trunk, branches and tags folders, then the dropdown will allow the user to pick the trunk, or a branch, or a tag."

      Can this be changed so that the children are seen correctly in the following cases?

      Where the repository root contains:

      trunk (works, trivially, of course, so don't break it)

      trunk, branches (the case I stumbled upon: doesn't work)

      trunk, tags (not tested)

      trunk, branches, tags (works, as advertised, thanks!)

      This would match the user's expectation (mine that picking branches should not depend on the existance of tags. I have repositories that often have tags but no branches or branches and no tags. I don't see why it's better to require all three for the dropdown to allow the user to pick them.



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