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can not disable the retries of Util.delete


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    • Jenkins 2.210

      https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/blob/c8efc7c78e26f3aefad24ef4c8a161cb9a269ea3/core/src/main/java/hudson/Util.java#L1581-L1596 is confused.


      The properties is for "retries" which you should be able to disable with a count of zero. but you can not. but the comment implies it is just for the number of tries (not retries).

      However the code calls PathRemover.newFilteredRobustRemover(pathChecker, DELETION_MAX - 1, GC_AFTER_FAILED_DELETE, WAIT_BETWEEN_DELETION_RETRIES);]
      which ends up in https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/blob/c8efc7c78e26f3aefad24ef4c8a161cb9a269ea3/core/src/main/java/jenkins/util/io/PathRemover.java#L63-L65  which is using a max retries.

      However if you run a test with the system property set to one.  then you do get one retry not one try.



       Unable to delete 'C:\Users\IEUser\Desktop\oc-server\target\tmp\j h6725733765603761727'. Tried 2 time (of a maximum of 2) waiting 0.1 sec between attempts. 

      so the property does seem to be acting as a retry despite the code comment but you can not set it to zero one because...

      static int DELETION_MAX = Math.max(1, SystemProperties.getInteger(Util.class.getName() + ".maxFileDeletionRetries", 3)); 

      and the PathRemover]..

      return new PathRemover(new PausingGCRetryStrategy(Math.max(maxRetries, 1), gcAfterFailedRemove, waitBetweenRetries), pathChecker);

      which means it will always retry once, which is a PITA when trying to some timing bugs.

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