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Pipeline stuck when allocating machine | node block appears to be neither running nor scheduled


       Our build system is sometimes showing this in the Thread Dump of a Pipeline while waiting for free executors

      Thread #94
      at DSL.node(node block appears to be neither running nor scheduled)
      at WorkflowScript.runOnNode(WorkflowScript:1798)
      at DSL.timeout(body has another 3 hr 14 min to run)
      at WorkflowScript.runOnNode(WorkflowScript:1783)
      at DSL.retry(Native Method)
      at WorkflowScript.runOnNode(WorkflowScript:1781)
      at WorkflowScript.getClosure(WorkflowScript:1901)

      In BlueOcean this appears, but the build queue is empty, and executors are available with those labels.

      Still waiting to schedule task
      Waiting for next available executor on pr&&prod&&mac&&build


      The job can only be completed by aborting or waiting for the timeout step to do it’s work.

      We started observing it since v2.121.3 (workflow-durable-task-step v2.19) but recently we updated to v2.190.1 (workflow-durable-task-step v2.28) and still seeing stuck pipelines when waiting for executors.

      The only reference I could find was in the last comment of this issue: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-42556 and there’s no way we can reproduce it. We’ve noticed this fix made by jglick but not sure if it will help us. We tried turning on Anonymous for a week and we still saw the problem.

      Please let me know if there’s more information/logs that I can help with to track down what might be the cause of this. Thanks.

      I've attached FINEST level logs on hudson.model.Queue, not sure if that will help a lot.
      Our Jenkins runs on RedHat, on Tomcat/9.0.14 and Java 1.8.0_171.

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