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swarm plugin requires anonymous/overall/read if not started with user/password



      I'm a heavy user of the Jenkins swarm plugin.

      we are using the plugin to enable users to connect their own machines to the server upon request, perform a check, and then disconnect it.

      since we don't require username/password to connect the machines, we had to enable the "anonymous/overall/read" in the global security security (we are using project based matrix authorization).

      what I recently discovered is that the jenkins server is not redirecting non-logged in users to the login page if they are trying to access the server using a link sent to them from a failed job execution. they get a 404 error instead.

      removing the anonymous/overall/read from global security - fixed that problem.

      however, now users are unable to connect their machines to the server unless they provide username and password.

      is there a way to make the swarm plugin NOT use the anonymous/overall/read from global security? maybe there is another way to make this combination work?

      this is a really weird behavior....

      I can provide additional info upon request.

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