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Add JCasC support for remote retrieval of plugins


      I would like to suggest enhancing the JCasC mechanism in regards to plugins installation. Current procedure is quite intrusive and requires building a special Dockerfile.

      I suggest eliminating this cumbersome need, simply by adding another environment variable , similar to CASC_JENKINS_CONFIG (e.g. }}{{CASC_JENKINS_PLUGINS_CONFIG) which will hold a path or (more likely) a URL (e.g. to designated Git repository that holds the Jenkins configuration) in which the list of desired plugins will be retrieved in same format as today, and thus keep allowing running Jenkins container as today (with the addition of this new environment variable).{{}}

      I personally will wait for such a feature before reverting to JCasC (which is a great initiative).

      I very much hope this improvement will find its way into Jenkins in a short time.{{}}

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