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Git plugin: infinite build trigger by "SCM change"


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    • Jenkins ver. 2.190.1
      Jenkins Git plugin: 3.5.1

      Exact similar to https://github.com/jenkinsci/gitlab-plugin/issues/30

      It's giving nightmare with infinite builds marked as "Started by an SCM change" even if I start the build myself, one build is triggered on my name followed by infinite triggers by "SCM change" and there is no change in code at all.

      Seeing these weird new lines
      Multiple candidate revisions
      Scheduling another build to catch up with
      like JENKINS-54102

      And this is happening for master branch but we don't have any "origin/master" branch as suggested workaround here

      Any fix?

      *Update* Strangely, while we didn't have origin/master, replacing the wildcard find "*/master" with "master" in "Branches to build" fixes the issue. But, I have been using the same since ages (8 years now) and the wildcard has never given me this issue before. The Git plugin's "Scheduling another build to catch up with"  implementation needs to be re-looked. 

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