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Inedo ProGet plugin when uploading Package file to proget I'm getting 504 Gateway Time-out Error


      Hi all,

      I'm having declarative pipeline in my Jenkinsfile code.  I changed my Jenkinsfile code as below, because I wanted to archive my artifact file by using Inedo ProGet plugin into my Proget site.   I already configured Proget in Jenkins with API key and installed the plugin. 

      I have added the ProGet API Key settings into the Jenkins' system config settings and it's testing the connection successfully. 


      Below is the code change I added in my Jenkinsfile.

      So as above script underline shows the way I'm getting my build artifact's Version Number. 

      Also below is the new .upack Package file I'm creating with the PackageName "JenkinsPackage.upack" for the purpose of upload to the Proget site.
      But here the issue I'm facing is when I'm running my build job and it's not success and failing the Proget Upload command with below error log message from Console-Output. 



       Please anyone assist me on this ?  What's the issue I'm having here, what blocking me to uploading my package file into Proget site ?

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