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Not able to trigger Jenkins job automatically based on the PTC integrity checkin.



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    • integrity-plugin
    • Jenkins Version installed: 2.204.1
      PTC Integrity -Jenkins Plugin version installed: 2.3
      OS: Windows 10
      Web browser: IE


      Hello ,

      Problem Definition:
      I am using the SCM as PTC integrity for Jenkins job and I configured the server and all other parameters as below


      Server Configuration, Integrity project, UseLocal client: true, cleanworkspace=false(as I already checked out all the files), use change package mode=false

      Build Triggers:

      I did not select any of the triggers, as I do not want to poll the SCM.


      I have a batch script to build my code which I am calling in this.

      To trigger the build job I do not want Jenkins continuously overloaded with polling SCM, and I want Jenkins to detect the changes in files when there is a change made by developer and triggers the build, however with above configuration Jenkins is not triggering the build job even after there are changes in repository.

      Another reason why I want to trigger the Jenkins job based on the change is that there is a chance of committing the changes simultaneous from developers, with the polling it is possible to miss some  job triggers which is important to me. 

      Could you please let me know is this the way how it works or is it some thing I am missing setting up to work as expected.

      NOTE: Even this is same with "Uselocalclient"=false



      Thank you,




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