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Checkout fails with ERROR: Could not determine exact tip revision of <branch>


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    • Jenkins v2.225
      Gerrit Code Review plugin v0.4.1
    • gerrit-code-review-0.4.5

      Short explanation

      Creating Multibranch Pipelines using Gerrit as Branch Source through the UI causes the error to occur. The error is that for every new Change Request, the first build (and automatic) occurs with no problem, but if you hit Build Now to build a second, it fails with the error stated. 

      This error doesn't happen if you use Jenkins Job Builder or Job DSL to create the Multibranch pipeline, only when created by the UI.

      Long explanation

      The issue is the same as the others linked (and closed) but happens using the Gerrit Code Review plugin. Seems like a fix was applied for BlueOcean, Github, Jervis, but I suppose this must also be fixed here. 

      Every time I push a new change for review, the first build of that patchset works. But if you hit Build now on that change, the build fails. 

      The error is:

      ERROR: Could not determine exact tip revision of 01/7002801/3

      A picture of the pipeline:

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