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multiple parameters in "List of parameters to check" doesn't work as expected


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    • Jenkins: 2.226
      Throttle Concurrent Builds: 2.0.1

      When adding multiple comma-separated parameters to "List of parameters to check" it doesn't work as expected.



      my job has 3 params: A, B, C

      List of parameters to check: "A,B"

      started a job with params: A:1, B:2, C:3

      and tried to start another job in parallel: A:2, B:2, C:3


      According to my understanding because "A,B" needs to be unique, the 2nd job should've started in parallel, because the 1st job is "1,2" and the 2nd job is "2,2".

      However it didn't start.

      (When I remove B from "List of paremeters to check" it started)

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