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Add ability to show line number in log with the Failure cause description: ${1,1,L} maybe?


      Right now, we can capture the line in the log for the matching pattern and put it on the build page with ${1,1} etc. Excellent.

      I have logs that are up to 150MB, and it's painful to click on the link to see the log. (slow jenkins UI response). Okay if only one matching failure "cause", but sometimes I have up to eight.

      I have multiple failure causes/clues. Sometimes I get up to 8 causes on the build page, because of cascading secondary failures.

      The causes are not shown in order that matches their order in the log. The log is time order..the causes are not in the same time order.

      I notice that the pattern match logic in the code, does have the line number. It uses this, I guess when you click through to the log, to red-highlight the line.

      Could we somehow get the line number optionally printed with the failure description on the build page?  Like if could use ${1,1,L} to get the line number like we get the pattern.

      Then I could easily see the order of the matching patterns, and only click on the one that's first in the log.

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