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Revamp the buttons


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    • Jenkins 2.233

      Restyle the buttons according to a defined hierarchy.

      Changes will include:

      • Create styles for several button variants: primary, secondary (default), danger, link and large.
      • Support SVG icons within buttons.
      • Clean up some techinical debt: stop using YUI button CSS, consolidate button CSS used in core.

      CSS API

      Buttons, hyperlinks and submit inputs can be styled as buttons. The CSS API for these is a bit different:


      For compatibility reasons, the button API stays the same. Buttons are not styled by default and need to be wrapped within a span tag with a .yui-button class.

      <span class="yui-button primary">
          <button>primary button</button>
      <span class="yui-button link-button">
          <button>transparent link button</button>
      <span class="yui-button yui-menu-button">
          <button>dropdown button</button>


      Hyperlinks can be styled as buttons just by adding the `.yui-button` class to them. Examples:

      <a href="#" class="yui-button">hyperlink button</a>
      <a href="#" class="yui-button danger disabled">hyperlink button</a>

      Submit inputs

      Inputs with the type attribute equal to submit, button or reset have button styles applied by default. Examples:

      <input type="submit" value="input button">
      <input type="reset" disabled value="input button">
      <input type="button" class="primary large-button" value="input button">

      Icon buttons

      Icon buttons have a .icon-button CSS class and have the link button style. Example:

      <a class="yui-button icon-button"><i class="fa fa-user" /></a>


      Button types:

      • Primary: add the .primary class to the .yui-button element or input.
      • Secondary: default state.
      • Danger: add the .danger class to the .yui-button element or input.
      • Link button: transparent button. Add the .link-button class to the .yui-button element or input.


      • Large: add the .large-button class to the .yui-button element or input.
      • Disabled: add the disabled attribute to the <button> or <input>, or the .disabled class to the <a> element.

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