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"Recent changes" page is empty when using multiple SCM systems in pipeline


      I'm trying to create a declarative pipeline that checks out source code from both git and svn.

      For testing purposes I've created a simple pipeline that only has one stage - 'Checkout' which checks out a single git repository and a single svn repository.

      The project wide "Changes" page, that should list changes across multiple builds only shows a message: "No changes in any of the builds, or multiple SCMs in use" - see empty_changes attachment.

      The "Changes" page for a single build shows changes from both git and svn just fine.

      I've also noticed that if at some point I remove either of the repositories from checkout stage and start a build, the "Changes" page is populated with changelogs from the previous builds, consisting of changes to both svn and git repositories - see changes attachment

      This leads me to believe, that gathering changes for multiple scm sources is possible, but for whatever reason is blocked somewhere.

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