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Allow more than one named exception to match each individual branch


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      Actually for multibranch or organisation folder when I define a different properties for different named exception that matches the same branch master for example only the first exception is considered. There are no validation error and no specific documentation that describe this strategy.

      Let me report some examples:


      • For !master "Suppress automatic SCm trigger"
      • For PR-* some other property

      In this case the second definition is ignore since the first one matches PRs



      Note: I implements a branchproperty to add a build action that run a build with specific parameters and a specific permission, so that only project owner can run release build and developer leader can run create support branch and prepare to next develop.

      • For master branches i would a property named "release" and "prepare next develop"
      • For master branches only i would define "create support branch"

      So job related to branch master will have release, prepare next develop and create support branch action (button on left side) but support branch job only have next develop and release


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