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Git plugin lightweight checkout copies full repository


    • 3.0.0

      Using multibranch pipeline clones the entire repository on the master instead of just getting the Jenkinsfile with the lighweight method. The lightweight checkout is the default behaviour as far as I know, but it's not working in my case. The clone is repeated when the pipeline starts on a slave machine, of course. Here is my setup:

      Branch Sources / Bitbucket server (connection is fine)


      Discover branches

      Advanced clone behaviours:

      • Fetch tags: unchecked
      • Honor refspec on initial clone: checked
      • Shallow clone: checked
      • Shallow clone depth: 1
      • Path to reference repo to use during clone: empty
      • Timeout: empty

      Build strategies: Skip initial build on first branch indexing

      Build configuration:

      • Mode: by Jenkinsfile
      • Script path: build/jenkins/compile/Jenkinsfile

      Please find the checkout log in the attachment.

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