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Builds displaying "downstreamPipelineTriggerRunListener" when not configured to do so


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    • pipeline-maven-plugin
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    • Jenkins LTS 2.176.2
      Pipeline Maven Plugin 3.8.0
    • 1203.v75b_321f1c89f

      Seeing the following message appear in some jenkins jobs.  In many cases, the jobs are not doing any "withMaven" steps (ex: npm builds).  The task is using up an executor on the master node and with >60s duration, is using up too many resources.  The job will show the build is complete, but the console log output will keep spinning until this message appears.

      [withMaven] downstreamPipelineTriggerRunListener - completed in 60330 ms

      My jenkins system is air-gapped and I am unable to provide logs (only re-typed snippets)

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