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Parameters are mixed up in parameters page when job was triggered by pipeline upstream job with build step


    • pipeline-build-step 2.13

      I have job job_with_parameters with several parameters:

      If I trigger job manually and go to parameters section in triggered build, I see parameters in the right order:

      If I trigger this job from another freestyle jobs using Parameterized Trigger plugin, parameters will be in the right order as well:


      However, when I trigger this job from pipeline job using build step, parameters are mixed up in parameters page of triggered build:

      build job: "job_with_parameters", parameters: [ string(name: "PARAMETER4", value: "value") ]


      This became a really big problem when you have jobs with more than 50 input parameters, which are logically grouped.

      This problem is also reproduced when you trigger job via ssh API. 

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