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SCM Skip plugin doesn't respect multiline commit messages


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    • scmskip-plugin
    • Jenkins ver. 2.222.4
      SCM Skip v1.0.2
    • v1.0.3

      In our projects we use multi-line format commit messages when we want to skip a build:


      chore: Bump to version X.Y.Z
      [skip ci]

      The skip build step in the Jenkinsfile looks like this:


      stage('skip:build') {
        steps {
          // Skips a build if a commit message contains "[skip ci]"
          scmSkip(deleteBuild: true, skipPattern: '^.*\\[skip ci\\]')

      However, the plugin doesn't match the regexp and doesn't stop the pipeline. It looks like the plugin doesn't check against the entire commit message because in the logs I see the following:

      SCM Skip: Pattern ^.*\[skip ci\] NOT matched on message: chore: Bump to version 2.1.0

      I've tried to play around with different regex expressions but without luck. if I use a single-line format for the commits everything works as expected.



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