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Provide aws profile support or IAM assume role support for AWS codepipeline plugin



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      Scenario overview : In an EC2 hosted jenkins instance with multiple AWS profiles (node shared by different AWS accounts) and EC2 instance profile, there is no way to indicate which profile to use in the AWS codepipeline plugin UI


      Scenario details : We are using the single jenkins instance for CD process for services in different AWS accounts, hence we have multiple named AWS profiles. Also the jenkins instance is hosted on a EC2 instance where there exists an instance profile configured. The UI of codepipeline plugin says that when credentials fields (access and secret keys) plugin will attempt to resolve the credentials in the default credential provider chain. But since there are multiple profiles and there is no default credentials profile (due to services sharing the node), plugin is picking up the EC2 instance profile as fallback and the SCM polling is failing due to missing codepipeline action type.


      Since this is a valid scenario, we kindly request the jenkins team for a feature improvement that provides a way to specify the name of the AWS profile to be considered from UI or the IAM assume role support similar to jenkins credentials plugin (please refer attached screenshot)


      Please let me know if there is any workaround and if any other information required regarding this.



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