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Automatically configure "bitbucketweb" repository browser for Bitbucket Server Integration


    • 3.0.0

      In a multibranch project using Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin, the "bitbucketweb" repository browser is automatically selected, so that the "Changes" list in Jenkins links back to the per-commit web pages provided by Bitbucket Server. To get a similar effect in a multibranch project using Bitbucket Server Integration, I have to:

      • Add the "Configure Repository Browser" property to the "Bitbucket server" branch source in the multibranch project configuration.
      • Select "bitbucketweb" as the repository browser.
      • Type the correct per-repository URL.

      I'd like Bitbucket Server Integration to configure the repository browser automatically, like Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin does.

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