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Issue Creation - Change field for default automatic blurb


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      The NewIssue function works great to create an issue but it always enters a blurb "Automatically created by..." in the Description field.

      My situation is that my issues do not have a Description field on Create screen. I use a custom field that I can enter a template and, after creation, I transfer the contents to Description.

      Since Description does not exist on the Create screen the plugin returns an error. as it tries to enter its blurb there, even if nothing is supplied to go in theĀ Description field as part of my request.

      Could it be possible to either skip the Description blurb append, or supply a optional parameter to provide an alternate field where the Automatic blurb would go? I'm ok if it's determined that the blurb must be added somewhere to a field; if so I would supply my template's custom field so it can be appended at the end. If nothing is entered, the default would remain Description.

      Please advise if I should provide more information.


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