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Pause/Resume button on pipeline jobs should be able to be disabled/removed



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      In my experience, using the `Pause/Resume` button on running pipeline jobs does not result in a correctly paused job, and if it does, it is not able to resume.

      This has lead to uneducated (new) Jenkins users in my org using this button because they think they want to, which ends up leaving stranded AWS nodes (where all of our worker nodes live for Jenkins) which ends up just burning money.

      Because I have never seen this functionality work correctly, and am not interested in allowing the users of my Jenkins to use it, I would like to completely remove the Pause/Resume button which comes standard on pipeline jobs.  (I understand that the "underlying" problem here is that the button itself doesn't actually resume, but I am not interested in the solution to that problem for the sake of my request given that I don't want users to be able to pause in the first place).

      I went down the route of trying to disable the button by redirecting the page it visits via the .htaccess file, but was unable to get this to work with my current Jenkins apache/SSL settings.  After dumping hours into trying this, I cut bait and am now looking for a new solution.

      A lot of settings internal to Jenkins can be toggled via Global Security Permissions, however it does not seem that there is a toggable bit which I can restrict access to this feature for users.


      What I am looking for:

      • A way to completely break this button, and have it not pause or resume jobs ever (if the button was still showing, having it do absolutely nothing would be fine to me)

      This could be a security permission (in Global settings), a hack I could apply to the plugin code directly (workflow-cps I believe?), or really any method for disabling users from doing this.


      Master version 2.235.2

      What I believe to be relevant plugin info:

      pipeline-aggregator-view 1.11 true
      pipeline-build-step 2.12 true
      pipeline-github-lib 1.0 true
      pipeline-githubnotify-step 1.0.5 true
      pipeline-graph-analysis 1.10 true
      pipeline-input-step 2.11 true
      pipeline-milestone-step 1.3.1 true
      pipeline-model-api 1.7.1 true
      pipeline-model-declarative-agent 1.1.1 true
      pipeline-model-definition 1.7.1 true
      pipeline-model-extensions 1.7.1 true
      pipeline-multibranch-defaults 2.1 true
      pipeline-rest-api 2.13 true
      pipeline-stage-step 2.5 true
      pipeline-stage-tags-metadata 1.7.1 true
      pipeline-stage-view 2.13 true
      pipeline-utility-steps 2.6.1 true


      workflow-aggregator 2.6 true
      workflow-api 2.40 true
      workflow-basic-steps 2.20 true
      workflow-cps 2.81 true
      workflow-cps-global-lib 2.17 true
      workflow-durable-task-step 2.35 true
      workflow-job 2.39 true
      workflow-multibranch 2.21 true
      workflow-scm-step 2.11 true
      workflow-step-api 2.22 true
      workflow-support 3.5 true



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