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JENKINS-61808 breaks doc generation for build and input steps


      The changes to PasswordParameterDefinition in JENKINS-61808, specifically making it so that the @DataBoundConstructor has a parameter of type Secret, which is not supported by data binding/introspection via structs, will cause https://github.com/jenkins-infra/pipeline-steps-doc-generator to fail to generate documentation for the build and input steps if it is updated to run against a version of Jenkins that includes JENKINS-61808.

      The error will look like this:

      java.lang.Exception: could not describe PasswordParameterDefinition(name: String, defaultValueAsSecret: org.kohsuke.stapler.NoStaplerConstructorException: There's no @DataBoundConstructor on any constructor of class hudson.util.Secret, description: String)

      From a quick look, I think that doc generation is currently running against Jenkins 2.7.1.

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