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String parameters with spaces issue



      I open this issue because I have a weird behavior with string parameter.

      I am unable to pass something like this : var="value test"

      it produce something like this : 'var="value' 'test"'

      But what I want is : var="value test"

      I'm using this string parameters to define extra vars for Ansible that I want to use like that :


      ansible-playbook myplay.yml ${extra_options}

      And it produce :

      + ansible-playbook myplay.yml -e 'var="value' 'test"'
      ansible-playbook: error: unrecognized arguments: test"

      At the end it should produce :

      + ansible-playbook myplay.yml -e var="value test"

      How can I solve that ?

      Thank you very much for your help.

      Best regards,

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