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JIRATESTRESUTREPORTER-PLUGIN jenkins identifier for UserFields (Jira)is not available for DSL-Pipeline jobs , Unable to assign the created issue in pipeline



      When we try to assign the bug using Jira result reporter plugin through DSL pipeline , the assignee filed is not working, showing the DSL method is notfound 

      The same functionality is working with Freestyle job and we are unable to generate the pipeline syntax for this fields 

      "@Symbol("jiraStringField")" this is missing for the userfields.java file inside the config and the same @symbol is present for rest all fields


      my code snippet 


      junit (
      testResults: '*/surefire-reports/.xml',
      testDataPublishers: [
      configs: [
      jiraStringField(fieldKey: 'summary', value: '${DEFAULT_SUMMARY}'),
      jiraStringField(fieldKey: 'description', value: '${DEFAULT_DESCRIPTION}'),
      Userfields(fieldkey: ‘Assignee’, value: ‘Ranjith’),
      jiraStringArrayField(fieldKey: 'labels', values: [jiraArrayEntry(value: 'Jenkins'), jiraArrayEntry(value:'Integration')])
      projectKey: 'Sample',
      issueType: '1',
      autoRaiseIssue: false,
      autoResolveIssue: false,
      autoUnlinkIssue: false,

      Userfields(fieldkey: ‘Assignee’, value: ‘Ranjith’)" this method is throwing error in the pipeline ,

      please find the below references which can help for better understanding


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