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`checkout scm` returns inconsistent values for branch name property


      Using same Jenkinsfile for jenkins piepline and jenkins multi-branch project returns different values for branch name property for result of `checkout scm` command.

      I am trying to extract branch name without remote name. e.g. dev and not origin/dev


      script {

      scmVars = checkout scm

      echo "scmVars: ${scmVars}"



      For jenkins multibranch pipeline project I am getting exepected value:

      scmVars: [*GIT_BRANCH:dev*, GIT_COMMIT:32f5748fb219621babebcf680040578aa5cd8a20, GIT_PREVIOUS_COMMIT:3c83fcf5c404b37ebde858de5d2194ea9cc0c06d, GIT_PREVIOUS_SUCCESSFUL_COMMIT:3c83fcf5c404b37ebde858de5d2194ea9cc0c06d, GIT_URL:http://myproject]


      For jenkins pipeline project I am getting:

      scmVars: GIT_BRANCH:origin/dev, GIT_COMMIT:32f5748fb219621babebcf680040578aa5cd8a20, GIT_PREVIOUS_COMMIT:32f5748fb219621babebcf680040578aa5cd8a20, GIT_PREVIOUS_SUCCESSFUL_COMMIT:1a9cf9e3c15055bb70d72fc1670759f48e88ddde, GIT_URL:[http://myproj.com]/]





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