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jiraJqlSearch does not return any issue but they are there issues when serching in the UI


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    • JIRA Pipeline Steps 1.6.0

      I run the following jiraJqlSearch which does not return any issues


      JIRA: Site - devjira - Search JQL: PROJECT=VUL AND 'Infected Library' ~ 'org.springframework:spring-web:5.2.6.RELEASE' AND 'Impacted Artifact' ~ 'xxxxx:customer-payment-monitoring-data-service:0.0.8-SNAPSHOT' AND CVE = 'CVE-2016-1000027' startAt: 0 maxResults: 1000
      Successful. Code: 200
      [Pipeline] echo
      [DEBUG] ### the following was found:
      [Pipeline] echo
      ResponseData(successful=true, code=200, message=, error=null, data={startAt=0, maxResults=1000, total=0, issues=[]})


      However, when I copy the query to the Jira UI (Search Issues) I get 3 issues returned:

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