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Invalid URL containing port


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    • Jenkins 2.261 and 2.262
    • Jenkins 2.263

      Updating to 2.261 and even 2.262 the URL for some links are injecting the port number ":80" which in our instance is invalid.  This prevents pages from loading. For example the "search" at top of screen when finding a job and trying to go to the job will change the URL from "https://jenkins.company.com/" to "https://jenkins.company.com:80/job/jobname/".  This makes pages not render properly and user needs to remove ":80" from URL to continue.

      Another instance is clicking Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins goes from "https://jenkins.company.com/manage" to "https://jenkins.company.com:80/pluginManager/".

      These are just a couple of instances but have run into more.  I couldn't easily identity what change in 2.261 that affected this behavior.


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